vendredi 1 novembre 2013

November 2013 - Editorial

Week of socially responsible finance, Benoît Hamon's bill on the socially responsible and fair economy…  It seems as though this sector is becoming an "Eldorado" and may be a means to overcome the crisis France is experiencing today. Such media buzz at least has the virtue of highlighting socially responsible and fair businesses which are largely unknown to investors and the general public. Businesses, with a core social mission from those which are classified as social businesses by virtue of their legal status (cooperatives…). This does not mean that cooperatives can not be wonderful social businesses, but a large number of companies with core social missions are legally simplified joint-stock or limited liability companies. The bill on the socially responsible and fair economy proposes interesting ideas for the sector, but limiting this sector to organisations with a specific legal status is likely to drive investors away.
Since 2006 we have been financing and supporting social businesses, helping them develop while achieving their social missions. We provided financing and support to non profit as well as businesses, developed by social entrepreneurs.
PhiTrust Partenaires and our Endowment Fund currently support some 20 entrepreneurs that often require leading us to seek new patrons or investors who are keen to "give some meaning to their investment".
Why not you?

Olivier de Guerre
Chairman of PhiTrust Partenaires

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